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Many things can impact the duration and outcome of a personal injury case. There are the most obvious factors, such as the liability of both parties and evidence to substantiate a claim. Yet, time also plays a significant role. The plaintiff’s and defendant’s law firms must establish key facts in their case, and this process takes time and effort. Negotiations can also determine how long a case takes to resolve.

This time spent waiting can feel frustrating and scary, especially with no income and ongoing expenses. You shouldn’t have to choose between doing what’s best for your case and having money to pay your bills. Third party litigation funding firms exist to help bridge plaintiffs’ financial gaps while they pursue personal injury claims. Apex Legal Funding offers litigation financing solutions to make the wait easier.

Understanding Your Personal Injury Legal Claims

The personal injury claim process can be rather complex. Yet, every claim begins with filing a formal lawsuit. Depending on the details of a particular claim, it can resolve in a short time or take several months or years to finish. The defendant or the defendant’s insurance company may recognize fault on its side right away. But if the defendant disputes having any liability — or asserts that the plaintiff also shares liability for the incident — case resolution may require more time and effort.

Lawsuits take time

Before negotiations or a trial can take place, attorneys need to ascertain critical facts. The discovery phase allows lawyers to find key information such as insurance claim data, police reports, eyewitness depositions, expert witness testimony, financial reports, and medical records. Until this process is complete, your case cannot move forward.

Legal claim settlements

How the case progresses usually depends on the amount of damages a plaintiff seeks. After the fact-finding stage completes, negotiations may follow during which attorneys for both sides make offers. Should the plaintiff agree to a settlement offer, the case ends. Since only 5% of personal injury cases reach the trial stage in any given year, the remaining 95% typically conclude with an out-of-court settlement.

Our Personal Injury Litigation Funding

Litigation Finance Firms in New York

If you’re in this situation, Apex Legal Funding may be able to help. We’re a litigation finance company offering loans for lawsuit plaintiffs. We can extend needed legal funding to cover living costs — rent, mortgage payments, utilities, food, auto loan payments, gas, childcare, medical expenses not covered by insurance, any litigation costs or attorney fees, and more.

Risk-free legal financing

Because loan repayment comes out of your settlement money, there’s no risk to you. If you don’t prevail in your claim, you owe nothing to your litigation funders.

Time Is Still on Your Side – Ask Us About Third Party Litigation Funding

A litigation finance firm enables personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs to have peace of mind while they’re pursuing their claims. Apex Legal Funding understands the litigation finance industry and can evaluate your case and explain your options, whether for personal or commercial litigation finance. Complete our contact form to speak with our team members about third party funding today.