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Apex Legal Funding offers financial solutions to plaintiffs in personal injury cases, which may help fill in monetary gaps until their claims are resolved during lengthy and complex litigation.


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Pre-settlement Lawsuit Loans for Injured Parties Who Need Cash Now!

A personal injury can have physically and financially devastating ramifications, both of which may render you unable to work and, therefore, unable to afford your quickly mounting medical expenses. Without proper medical care, your injury is at risk of growing worse, which can substantially set back your recovery date. The longer it takes you to recover, the longer you must live on a reduced or no income – a situation that can drive you into insurmountable debt.

Personal Injury Legal Lawsuit Funding in New York

The good news is that the law entitles you to collect compensation for your damages from the at-fault party via a personal injury claim. The bad news is that personal injury claims and lawsuits can take years to settle. Defendants drag out personal injury lawsuits in the hopes that plaintiffs will settle for far less than what their cases are worth — which, sadly, is just what many desperate injured persons and their families do. With lawsuit funding, however, you do not have to decide between recouping the maximum amount of compensation or living in comfort while you recover. You can have the best of both worlds, at no risk to your current or future financial standing, through lawsuit loan companies.

Our Services

Plaintiff Investment Funding

Get immediate cash advance for personal injury cases in NY. Low rates, no upfront fees. Prioritize health & justice.

Accident Lawsuit Funding

Secure financial stability during auto accident lawsuits. Quick cash advances, no upfront costs, tailored solutions.

Slip and Fall Legal Funding

Get back on your feet after a slip-and-fall in NY. Quick approval, no monthly payments, and up to 20% of your settlement!

Premises Liability

Need cash during your premises liability lawsuit in NYC? Apex Legal Funding offers 24-hour advance with no upfront costs. Get funded today!

Construction Accident

Swift construction lawsuit financing in NY. Get up to 20% of your settlement in advance. No monthly payments. Free consultation.

Medical Malpractice

Struggling with medical malpractice? Get 24-hour cash advance for your lawsuit. Apex Legal Funding offers non-recourse support.

Head and Neck Injuries

Discover 24-hour cash advances for head & neck injury cases. Don't let financial strain hinder your pursuit of justice.

Product Liability

Need funding for your product liability lawsuit in New York? Get up to 20% of your settlement upfront with Apex Legal Funding.

Dog Bite Settlement

Get financial relief for dog bite injuries in NY with lawsuit funding. No repayments if your case doesn't win.

Sidewalk Falls

Get 24-hour cash advance for sidewalk injury lawsuits in NYC with Apex Legal Funding. Cover expenses while pursuing your claim.

An Overview of Lawsuit Settlement Loans

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding Firm

Lawsuit funding — otherwise known as plaintiff funding, legal funding, personal injury funding, and pre-settlement funding — is a type of financing that can help you bridge the gap between your accident and the finalization of your case. With a pre-settlement cash advance, you borrow against the award or settlement you anticipate winning rather than against your existing assets or funds. Moreover, legal funding companies, including our team at Apex Legal Funding, do not qualify you based on your finances or credit score. Instead, they assess the merits of your case and determine its value. If a lender determines your case has a strong likelihood of success, it may allow you to borrow up to a certain percentage of the award.

Pre-settlement funding offers several benefits over traditional types of funding from banks and other conventional lenders. In addition to not requiring credit verification or proof of employment, pre-settlement funding comes with a few enticing benefits:

  • It’s non-recourse, meaning if you lose your case, you owe the lender nothing.
  • It boasts low-interest rates.
  • It requires you to pay zero up-front out-of-pocket costs.
  • It does not require collateral, as it is more of a cash advance than a traditional loan.

The biggest benefit of a pre-settlement loan, however, is that it provides you with the cash you need to keep fighting for just compensation. With a cash advance, you do not have to worry about how you will continue to pay your lawyer, put a roof over your head, or receive appropriate medical care while your case drags on. You can meet your financial obligations with ease and without sacrificing the integrity of your claim.

How You Can Use Pre-Settlement Loans

You can use legal funding just as you would a traditional personal loan. What this is means is that you can use the cash for any expenditure you deem necessary or important. Though the definition of “necessary” differs for every injured party, common examples of how plaintiffs use their funding are as follows:

  • To pay for medical expenses
  • To cover the cost of rent or mortgage
  • To make timely car payments
  • To pay for childcare
  • To buy groceries
  • To keep the utilities on
  • To pay down credit card debt
  • To cover the cost of educational expenses, such as student loans

Lawsuit funding companies don’t put limitations on how you may use your personal injury financing. However, bear in mind that though you do not have to technically repay the loan from your personal finances, what money you do borrow will come out of your award. 

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding NY

The Average Amount of Personal Injury Loans

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding

Because pre-settlement funding companies assume most of the risk on personal injury financing, they typically only lend plaintiffs up to a small fraction of the total anticipated settlement. For instance, at Apex Legal Funding, we extend to approved applicants between 10% to 20% of the estimated value of their settlements. However, the specific amount we lend depends largely on the circumstances of a case. Specifically, we look to the following factors to ascertain our risk in lending to an applicant:

  • The Total Value and Type of Damages: Like a personal injury attorney or law firm, we assess the total value of both your economic and non-economic damages to determine the value and viability of your case. If you have minimal damages, or if your damages are difficult to calculate, we may feel more hesitant to extend a large loan..
  • Liability: Next, we will consider liability. Is there a chance that the deciding parties will assign you a percentage of fault? If so, we may reduce the percentage we are willing to lend you.
  • Coverage Amounts: Finally, we will determine the defendant’s amount of coverage. It is not uncommon for courts to use the state’s minimum policy limits to set a cap on how much a plaintiff will recover. Assuming the courts will place a cap on your case, we will use the defendant’s coverage limit to set a baseline for your lawsuit funding.

A pre-settlement funding company must first assess the details of your case and financial burden before giving you an estimate of your loan amount.

Cases That Qualify for Lawsuit Financing

At Apex Legal Funding, we care more about the strength of your case than the type of accident that triggered it. Because of this, we routinely extend legal funding to victims embroiled in the following types of cases:

New York Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding

Though we do not consider accident type when determining your eligibility for plaintiff funding, we will consider other factors. For instance, we ask that you be at least 18 years of age, have already filed a personal injury claim and have already hired a contingency-based attorney.

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Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding - NY

If lawsuit funding sounds like something you can benefit from, it cannot hurt you to schedule a no-obligation free consultation. Our team is also more than happy to answer any questions you may have, address your concerns and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for your health and your family. To schedule your free, no-obligation case evaluation, submit a request online today. 

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